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Bottle World Stamp • Guarding • Accompanying• Lihaopaper

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Bottle World Stamp (the 2nd generation)

To extend from the Bottle World Stamp of the 1st generation, which was loved by many people after it was launched, and with lots of inquiries for purchase even after it was out of print later. The Bottle World Stamp of the 2nd generation has a large size, keeps the feature of leaving a blank space for the user to write, and has two themes:

“Guarding (the Universe)” and “Accompanying (the Ocean).” On the journey of life, there are always people and things that you would like to defend and protect even there are hardships, and they will be the motivation that supports you to move on. Sometimes you yourself will become other people’s strength; with guarding as well as accompanying silently can be the best support.

- Guarding (the Chapter of the Universe): To look up at the starry sky, every star in the vast galaxy represents a wish, and it guards you loyally from there even though it is tens of thousand light-years away. You can see it as long as you raise your head at any time and any place; it defends you and sings a song for you; time flows slowly within the graceful melody. At this wonderful moment, you are the most important.

- Accompanying (the Chapter of the Ocean): To leap down and through the spray, the underwater world is changeful, and to swim around, you can hear the beating of the hearts. “Hey, you are not alone!” There is a whale accompanying you at a distant place, swimming leisurely and carefree with you in this marvelous world. Let’s hum the tune, and travel together in the ocean. Notice: The solid wood with great hand touch has been changed for the Bottle World Stamp of the 2nd generation; the four corners of the wood are trimmed, and we adopt the “double-layered die cut” to perfectly present the pattern’s details.

Size : 8x11.8cm Materials : Wood, rubber, and high resilience foam. Quantity : 1 Stamp