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Lihaopaper Forest Postmark Matte PET Masking Tape 32/33

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No.32 / Single Color Version + White Ink : 
The forest scenery pattern is drawn by black lines; there are 18 patterns for one cycle, which has a mountain and trees. The pattern of each Postmark is different.

No.33 / Multi-Color Version + White Ink :
The forest scenery pattern is drawn by black lines, and then diverse colors are used as the substrate to make it abundant and amusing; because of adding “white ink” additionally, it can exhibit clearly even if being pasted on the paper of deep color; there are six colors for one cycle, and there are 18 patterns altogether.  

Size:4.5cm X 10M (78cm cycle)

This Masking Tape has “white ink” added as the substrate, so that the pattern can be more conspicuous; it can be clear and complete even if being pasted on the colored paper.  

This Masking Tape has a “die-cut” that enables you to tear down the pattern easily for you to use, and needs not to cut separately.  

Notice: For this Masking Tape, owing to the white ink substrate on design, and considering that the paper used by most of the users is white or beige, and it’s not easily to manifest when being pasted on the paper, therefore the “frame of postmark (as illustration)” is kept on pattern design so that it can be complete in its entirety.