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Journal Pages Stempel "Vintage Frame & Floral Wreath"

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Vintage frame- vintage frame is a simple yet elegant design, it carry a simple sense of fashion. Vintage theme will never expired nor vanished. It was easy to blend in different type of journal theme. Use this simple vintage frame to enrich your journal experience.

Wreath series - This wreath series come in combination of different type of flower. It is mixture of rose, tulip, eucalyptus and many others flower. Wreath represent faith and eternal of life. Each flower has their own symbolic, such as rose is love, tulip is elegant, eucalyptus is holy. By matching each type of flower it create a unique symbolic.

Size:  A -Vintage frame /80 x 59mm 
          B - Floral wreath /80 x 65mm
          C - Vintage frame / 75 x 50mm
          D - Floral wreath / 90 x 60mm
          E - Vintage frame /60 x 60mm
          F - Floral wreath (S) / 50 x 50mm
          G - Floral wreath (L) /70 x 67mm
          H - Vintage Frame(round) /50 x 50mm
           I - 3 Roses (L)/ 70 x 50mm
          J- 3 Roses (S)/ 40 x 30mm
          K - 2 roses/ 30 x30mm
          L - Vintage Frame/ 75 x 50mm
          M- Tulip wreath / 80 x 50mm
          N- Vintage Frame(rectangle)/ 70 x 45mm
          O - Scrap paper/ 100 x68mm