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Lihaopaper Quill Pen Postmark Masking Tape 10

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Quill Pen Postmark Masking Tape( one Pcs)
“A quill pen was an important writing tool from the Middle Ages to the 19th century; it was also the predecessor of a fountain pen.”
As the pen dips a little into the ink and then glides slowly on the paper to transfer your message, the quill dances lightly with an elegant posture. What a beautiful tableau!  

Acid-free paper (tracing paper) is adopted for this product. There are ten patterns for one cycle; the irregular design that breaks the rules creates vivacious patterns without limits. The patterns are somewhat different from those of the Quill Pen Postage Stamp; you can tear and attach the paper tape at will, and then record your life via writing.  
10. White Quill Pen Postmark Masking Tape

Size: 35mmx10m(40.5cm cycle)

Material: Acid-free paper (UV Print)