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Lihaopaper One, Two, Three, There Are Mountains Stamp Set (3 pcs)

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One, Two, Three, There Are Mountains Stamp Set
“With one, two, three mountains, your life can somewhat be with backup, so that you are not afraid, and just march forward courageously!”
Every mountain has its unique enchantment; they look alike, yet different, just like there is always a “surprise” that comes all of a sudden in ordinary days.  

Learn to look at the world lightly, and overcome the difficulties with strong willpower when you meet them.  

Don’t forget to stop at times to observe things around you, look into the distance, or appreciate the scenery of ordinary days. Ordinary and simple, a daily life is just like that.   

Each set includes three stamps; the patterns are one mountain, three mountains, and three mountains respectively.  
No.C Set / One, Two, Three / 8 x 2cm x 3 Pcs

You can use them solely, or utilize a stamp pad to create light or deep colors to pile the pattern on one another and make variations.  
You can also try to use a “long strip of paper” to stamp a pattern of continuous mountain scenery (just as the demonstration of the photo).  

The contours and appearance of each set, each stamp, and each mountain are varied.  
The shape of the rubber of each stamp is cut by a die-cut; it’s easy for you to stamp, and it completes the patter