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Lihaopaper Matte PET Masking Tape Multi Colored Polka Dots 24

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Multi-colored & White polka dots 
Matte PET decorative masking tape (with clear liner))
Simple geometric circles can create many wonders. Both the multi-colored and the single-colored have the unique charms of their own. The dots are arranged whether in a staggered or a symmetrical manner to make things more appealing. The polychromic one is exuberant and interesting, while the single-colored simple and neat.  

Colored dots: It is composed of fourteen different colored polka dots in three shades of color (the bluish-green, the purple, and the orange). The length of one whole pattern repeat is 90 cm. You may select a particular "color block" as a decorative background.

The liner of the matte PET decorative masking tape with colored polka dots is "printed intentionally without white ink". The glare-proof matte and semi-translucent material provide sufficient color transmittance to create multi-layered effects.

No.24 / Multi-colored polka dots / Matte PET decorative masking tape (with clear liner)

Size: 60mmx10m(90cm cycle)
Quantity: 1 roll