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Lihaopaper Lighthouse Memo Matte PET Masking Tape 38

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Lighthouse Memo Masking Tape
Standing erect quietly at the cape, with only ocean and blue sky accompanying you; there is a gentle breeze blowing from time to time; it’s the serene lighthouse scenery.  

There are 10 patterns for each cycle, and the pattern of each section is varied. 

No.38 / Matte PET Masking Tape :  There is a dotted line die-cut that enables you to tear down the pattern easily for application, and needs not to cut it separately. You can use an oil-based pen or a stamp pad for oil-based ink to stamp; the sticker’s frame can be concealed, only showing the pattern if being pasted on the paper. 

Size:4.5cm X 10M (80cm cycle)