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Meow Illustration 2023 Weekly Planner Schedule Book – Wonderful Weeds

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The inspiration for Meow Illustration’s 2023 Weekly Planner Schedule Book came while I was having my daily walk with my children. While they were riding their little bikes and the golden sunset shining on their backs, a little sparkle caught my eye that drew my intrigue. It is something that always existed around me, all year round, through summer, autumn, winter or spring. You can find them everywhere, along the riverbank, next to a playground, in a garden or in a large meadow. It is not something obvious, but when you look carefully, you will notice it has their own sense of beauty. The thing that caught my eye was a little beautiful flower which is in fact a weed. Ever since then, if my children don’t pull me along to too fast, I will squat down and admire them. I will look at the dew on their leaves and take in their unique smell which emanates to the world.

Despite the negative connotations with weeds, they are the life bringer to the world. No matter how barren, or damaged the environment is, or how harsh the weather or climate is. Weeds can always push through and spring out their shoots to return life and hope to the earth.

I often have all kinds of weeds in my own garden, they magically plants that can appear out of thin air, they don’t need to be seeded by us, or irrigated, they will find ways to survive and come to life. Even though they compete with the carefully maintained flowers for nutrients, when I see their resilience and misunderstood beauty, I find it difficult to pull them out. When my friends come over, they will exclaim “Oh, there are so many weeds in your garden! You should pull them out quickly!”, but in my heart, I wish they can see the strength of weeds, the beauty and hope within them. For even if all my plants go, the weeds will be there to maintain the ecosystem of life that exists on this earth.

So with this schedule book and for 2023, I wish to share with you 12 different kinds of weeds that bring me joy and inspirations.